Want to book more Boudoir Shoots 
& empower more women in your community? 
Want to book more Boudoir Shoots & empower more women in your community?
...until VIRTUAL Boudie Camp Live 2020!!!
Hey Boudie Babe!

I’m Molly Keyser, boudoir photographer and lead educator at Boudie Shorts. I’m dedicated to helping photographers like you book more boudoir shoots and empower the women in your communities! One of the ways I do that is by hosting the most amazing Boudoir Photography Live Event of the year, Boudie Camp Live…

Join me & about 150 other photographers VIRTUALLY at Boudie Camp LIVE 2020! (due to covid-19 we've moved this even to take place virtually in a private FB group)

When? April 22nd & 23rd 2020 (we'll be streaming the teachers on these dates and if you've purchased a ticket you'll also get the talk recordings as well)

Where? Private FB Group

Boudie Camp Live will be two jam-packed days learning from relevent top photographers in the industry in the form of presentations, demos, prizes and more!

*Speaker Schedule Subject to Updates & Changes*
Molly Keyser, CEO of Boudie Shorts
Instructing Mindset, Business & More
Through the appropriate marketing, sales, and pricing strategies Molly grew her boudoir photography business from .81 cents to 6 figures/year. Molly helps other photographers grow their boudoir businesses by being an open book with her experiences through her education website, Boudie Shorts, and her Boudoir Certified program.
Boudoir Curvy Posing Demo: Live Shoot
Lindsey Van Roy, Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer
Lindsey is a mother of five in Wisconsin. She's been a professional photographer for 18 years! She loves plant based cooking, time in nature, backpacking, camping, spending time with her family and of course a great glass of whiskey. Lindsey is super excited to share her posing for curvy girl secrets! Also if you haven't checked out her studio yet, do yourself a favor and check it out!
What Boudoir is Really About: How to Make a Stand for Something Bigger
Cassie Bodnar, Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer 
Cassie owns Everlasting Truth Boudoir in Piqua Ohio. She has been a photographer for 6 years and now specializes in Boudoir Photography. Aside from being an amazing photographer Cassie LOVES running her FB group for her clients and potential clients. She loves to market through FB lives, story telling & of course building her know like and trust factor through these avenues. Cassie is so so excited to share with you some of her best techniques for building that know like and trust factor so you can book even more boudoir photography clients!
Discover the Key Components to Writing Social Media Posts with Great Engagement and High Conversion
Hollie Tkac, Messaging Strategist and Copy Queen
Hollie is here to fly into your business on her magical unicorn 🦄 and infuse your messaging with rainbows🌈 and sparkles✨.
Her vision is for a world where every woman awakens to her gifts and shares them with the world unapologetically. #unicornlife
Current Facebook Ad Strategies for Local Businesses
Jessica Walman, Facebook Ad Strategist
Jessica is a wife, mother, lover of starbucks, fan of teen fiction books, dance machine, singing queen and disney fanatic! Oh and she's OBSESSED with fb ads!
Boudoir Shooting Demo: Posing with Movement
Jess Jones, Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer
Jess Jones has been a professional photographer in Columbus Georgia for 11 years. She's been a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer since 2018. Jess loves thrifting, astrology, traveling and long walks on the beach. She also doesn't like when musicians aren't single.
Creating a Social Media Game Plan
Julianna Arendash , Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer 
Juli Arendash is a boudoir photographer in Cleveland, OH. Her style is based off her observations in classical art and traditional photography. She is a Registered Nurse with a B.A. in psychology, and believes there is a real connection between psychology, nursing and boudoir photography. Born out of pure necessity, automation became essential in her business when she was juggling being a full time student, a full time photographer and a part time job. Automation allowed her to get her time back, and still provide her clients with a superior customer service experience with little to no effort. Juli Arendash: Photographer, crazy cat lady and bread enthusiast. 
Mock DAVO Sales Session: Rock your reveals and make that money!
Amanda Marquis, Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer 
I spent most of my adult life seeking the next big adventure, taking pictures, moving to a new state when I got bored. I met my wife in Florida in 2008, and in 2011 we moved to New Hampshire, where I have put down roots, and lived ever since. We still seek adventure from skydiving to scuba diving to raising our 5 year old adopted son. In September of 2018, I quit my job to be happy - to be a full time photographer. I did not have one single client on the books. But I leaped headfirst into what I now realize was 'faux-tography'. I chased every lead, every fb post for 'affordable photographers'. I successfully made 2,300 in 4 months thru the end of Dec 2018. Then, Molly found me. Her ads were everywhere! Like IN MY FACE. In January 2019, I signed up to certified. February of 2019 was tough - we were in the middle of a deep winter and our son (who was born with a weakened immune system due to birth mother choices during pregnancy), was sick. A lot. By March, I was able to get going and really get this 'certified' thing a try. Two weeks later I had an $8941.00 week and knew I was coming full circle - I didnt need to move anymore. I found my true loves - my wife, my son, my state. 
Steps to Overcome Fatigue, Day to Day Busy-ness and Boost Your Productivity so you can Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Personal Time
Dr. David Heitmann, Self Care Wizard for Entrepreneurs
Dr. Dave helps busy entrepreneurs and leaders transform their health.
Overcoming Limits you Set on Yourself, so You Can Achieve Your Wildest Dreams
Jennifer Trepinski Smith, Strategy Coach at Boudie Shorts
Jen is a master of positive mindset and high achievement. She's a Strategy Coach at Boudie Shorts and is excited to help you rewire your mindset to achieve #AllTheThings
How to Edit More Efficiently & Have Time to do More of What you Truly Love, Like Empowering the Women in Your Community
Beth Teutschmann, Outsourcing & Editing Ninja for Photographers
Beth Teutschmann is a living unicorn. She will proudly be sporting her unicorn one-sie at Boudie Camp Live. In addition to being a unicorn, never leaving her house & drinking beers for dinner she has been saving photographers hundreds of hours per year by running her editing & fb ads business for photographers. Photographers outsource their editing & fb ads to beth to save time and increase their results.
How to Leverage Reviews for Your Local Business
Stacy Tuschl, Foot Traffic Expert for Local Businesses
Stacy Tuschl has made a name for herself as an expert in growing small businesses. Put it this way, Stacy started her own business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a million dollar business she still runs today (The Academy of Performing Arts has two locations in her home state of Wisconsin). In addition to being a Small Business Growth Coach, Stacy is a bestselling author, and founder of the Foot Traffic Formula – helping small businesses around the world get more customers in the door, more profit in their pocket and more happiness in their homes.
Wealth Management for the Empowered Business Woman
Hilary Hendershott,  Fiduciary Financial Advisor
Hilary is a certified financial planner, entrepreneur, woman, wife, mother and friend committed to helping you remove money blocks wherever she finds them, grow your financial wealth and champion your financial freedom.
In this course you'll learn how to create, price & position your course for your business success! Learn what to create, how to create it & how to ensure people buy it!
Once you've made your product how do you get tons of people to buy it?! In this course you'll learn how to do just that. I update this course regularly as I I'm always improving my launches & passing the new found info onto you!
In this course you'll learn how to automate your products, launches & email marketing so that you can generate sales on auto pilot year round! For the last 6 years I've traveled for a month each year without having to work at all!
  •  Your Photography Business as a Movement, How to Empower More Women in Your City

  • ​How to Step into Your "Dream Bigger" Mindset to Massively Grow Your Photography Business

  • ​ Tips for Increasing Productivity Personally and Professionally

  • ​ Demo: How to Create a Realistic Looking Fake Window for Your Studio

  • Awards Ceremony for the Certified Professional Boudoir Photographers  

  • Demo: Creating Your "Core Poses" for Every Body Type (Yes Even Curvy Women!)

  • Elevate Your Customer Experience With Customer Service Tips for Sticky Situations and More Repeat Customers

  •  What is Boudoir Certified and Do you Need to Become Certified?

  •  How to Automate Your Boudie Call Marketing Process Step By Step (And What is Boudie Call if You're Unfamiliar)

  • ​Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factor For More Bookings & Sales

  •  Demo: Favorite Lighting Sources for Boudoir & How to Use Them

  • ​Demo: How to Easily Edit & Retouch Boudoir Photos + How to Outsource Your Editing to Save You Loads of Time

  • ​+ A Few Surprise Presentations Added Last Minute for Relevency!
(Only 7 spots remain)
Here’s a chance to put what you’ve learned to the test! A 3-hour live after hours shootout at the end of Day 1 with a chef prepared buffet style dinner, professional models, professionally done makeup/hair, gorgeous shooting sets, and live coaching from my teachers assistant Sarah and me, Molly! The best part? All models have signed releases, so you can use these photos in your promotions and portfolio!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is an optional add on to Boudie Camp Live and is not included with your event ticket. You can select to add access to the live shootout when you purchase your ticket by clicking the box next to the shoot out add on at checkout.
Boudie Camp LIVE FAQs
Who is Boudie Camp Live for?
Boudie Camp Live is for any open minded, positive, friendly photographers who are wanting to empower more people in their cities through the art of boudoir photography and to build a profitable photography business in the process.

Who is Boudie Camp Live NOT for?
We have a no tollerance policy for gossip, cliques, negativity, bullying, drama and the like. If you are of this type of personality do not purchase a ticket to boudie camp live. 

What are the dates of the "Boudie Camp Live 2020" Event?
April 22nd and 23rd 2020. 

Where is the location of Boudie Camp Live 2020?
We have moved this event virtual due to the Covid-19 outbreak and will be hosting this event virtually in a private fb group. You'll recieve details upon purchase.

What exactly is the Shoot Out Add on?
Once you've purchased your ticket to Boudie Camp Live you'll have the option to add on a shoot out ticket for an additional cost. The shoot out will happen later 2020 or early 2021, we're working to get it rescheduled right now. There will be 10 different sets. Each set comes with it's own model, outfit, instructor (to help with posing, lighting, shooting, etc.), etc. We will take turns rotating between sets. Each model will be styled and have signed a model release so you can use any of the images you take however you'd like. Some of the sets include: an old chapel with angle wings, a semi nude shoot on a horse, flowers in a claw foot tub, etc. We limit 5 people per set to ensure you get enough shooting time at each set. If you have further questions about the shoot out email info@boudieshorts.com

How do I get to Austin Texas?
Fly into Austin–Bergstrom International Airport. From there you can rent a car or take an Uber, Lyft or take a Taxi. You could also drive in from your location as well.

How much longer can I get this price for? The price stated above will only be available until the timer on this page runs out. Once the timer runs out the price will increase or ticket sales will end depending on the date. The closer we get to the event the more the price increases, so get you tickets asap!

How can I prepare for the virtual event?
Tune in via your computer (laptop or desktop) with a notebook and pen in hand. You're going to get out of this as much as you put in. We HIGHLY recommend you watch the speakers as we stream them and not to depend on "getting to it later" because we all know that more than likely never will never come. We want to help you succeed as quickly as possible so come ready to learn and grow!

Is this event only for women?
No, we do not discriminate against gender, that's silly. Any photographers who want to empower more people in their cities are allowed to attend Boudie Camp Live.

Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Due to the nature of this event, there are no refunds or exchanges. 

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Email me at MollyK@boudieshorts.com
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