Would getting photography bookings on demand in your business make a difference for you?
Would getting photography bookings on demand in your business make a difference for you?
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I know what it’s like to be barely scraping by...
....Molly Keyser here and...I once had .81 cents in my bank account and was living with my grandma for heaven’s sake!

I had just dropped out of college and was shooting anything and everything to make ends meet. I even shot someone’s coin collection once! Deep down I knew something was missing...
Then in just a few years, I hit 6-figures as a photographer.

Do you want to know how I did it?

Well, I’m going to spare all the details because it took a ton of trial and error to figure out.

But one major result was a system I came up with to get bookings when I needed them most, and it works like a charm.
But here’s the thing, it wasn’t just me who was able to book clients on demand from this system. I started to show other photographers how to do it, and they were having crazy results too!
Are you ready to stop wondering where you’re next client will come from?!
I thought so… Let me help you with that!
Introducing... Model Call
Introducing... Model Call
The system for getting portrait client bookings on demand in your business.

Model Call is a system that’s all about getting you amazing photos you can use in your marketing materials with models who are your ideal clients (and who may actually buy the photos too!).
Who IS this for:
  •  Boudoir Photographers
  • Senior Portrait Photographers
  • Family Photographers
  •  Baby Photographers
  •  Any Portrait Photographers
Who is this NOT for:
  •    Wedding Photographers
  •  Landscape Photographers
  •  Get bookings in as little as 24 hours
  •  Build your portfolio
  •  Get sales quickly
  •  Put your systems in place
  •  Get amazing testimonials
  •  24-page eBook walking you through every single step of the process from getting models, to model selection, planning, viewing, and pricing (value $149)
  •  Copy/paste templates and scripts for every step of the process (value $199)
  •  Lifetime Access to the members-only Boudie Shorts Community Facebook group ($2,997 value) 
Model call is simple. Check out what happened when my students put Model Call in action:
Wouldn’t you love to have results like these ladies did?

Normally I sell Model Call for $149, and it’s well worth it. As you can see, most students get at least 5 bookings after using Model Call the first time, and many use it again and again.

But for a limited time only I want as many portrait photographers as possible to get access to this life-changing system. For just a few more days, you can buy Model Call for $59!!!
$149   $59
60% off
If you happen to be on the fence then I’m guessing you may have some questions. Let me clear these up for you….
I’m not sure if I have enough time for this! What do you think?
Well, if you want to build your business, you need to find the time. Luckily, Model Call only takes a few hours to implement and you will start seeing results quickly. Frankly, you can’t afford not to get Model Call, it will change your life… just like it changed Celestina’s:
I’m a newbie without a website or Facebook Page, can I still do this?
Absolutely! There are a ton of ways for you to implement Model Call. It will work for you no matter how new or how established you already are!
What if I'm male, young, old, live in a conservative town, live outside the U.S. etc?
You can ABSOLUTELY use Model Call to book more clients. The techniques in this system have worked for students of all types. Check out what my student Chris Connelly had to say…
Are you ready to get more portrait clients in as little as 24 hrs?
Click below to purchase Model Call for just $149 $59 today!
60% off, Special Pricing ends in...
Oh, and in case you’re still on the fence… here are some more student success stories:
60% off, Special Pricing ends in...
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